R-Licence Accreditation Course

Before you can apply for a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) to hunt on public land, you must complete some training and be a member of an approved hunting club. This helps ensure hunters are responsible, competent and have a heightened awareness of legislation, public safety and animal welfare.

Completing the R-Licence Accreditation Course, part of the Hunter LEAP education and training program, satisfies the R-Licence training requirements.

R-Licence Accreditation Course

About the course

The R-Licence Accreditation Course:

  • takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete
  • is an open-book test
  • is multiple-choice.

'Open-book' means you can look through the Hunter Education Handbook, which is supplied to you at the venue, for answers to the multiple-choice questions. It's your ability to think critically and creatively that is being tested, not your ability to memorise and recall facts.

Completing the accreditation test

Section 1: The first part of the accreditation test is mandatory. It comprises 20 multiple-choice questions which are focused on hunting law and the Hunters Code of practice.

Questions cover:

  • code of practice and the law
  • animal welfare
  • safe hunting practices
  • ethics and conservation.

Section 2: The second part of the accreditation test covers the four legal hunting methods for public land. Known as 'R-Licence categories', you must attempt the questions of at least one category for your licence application. There are 10 questions for each category - you may choose to complete only 10 questions for one category, or up to 40 questions for all categories.

Categories are:

  • firearms (rifles and shotguns)
  • firearms (blackpowder)
  • bows
  • dogs.

It's important to choose your categories carefully as you may only hunt using the methods you are accredited for. For example, if you do not choose the Hunting with Dogs category, your licence will not permit you to hunt with a dog. You may add categories at a later time, however you may need to pay the Hunter LEAP Provider's R-Licence Accreditation Course fee again.

Passing the test: To pass the R-Licence Accreditation Course you must achieve a score of 100%.

For incorrect answers, you will be given two attempts to find the correct answer. Should you not achieve 100% following these attempts, you will be asked to study the Hunter Education Handbook and reattempt the accreditation test at a later date.

Where do I complete the accreditation course?

The R-Licence Accreditation Course is run locally by hunting clubs and hunting or outdoor retailers as part of the Hunter Learning, Education and Accreditation Program (LEAP).

To find a Hunter LEAP Provider and Trainer in your area, submit Form R: Expression of Interest - R-licence Accreditation Course (PDF, 34.85 KB) and we will forward you a local contact list.

Fee: Hunter LEAP Providers are able to charge a fee for the Accreditation Course so they may recover their expenses. Please check the fee directly with your Provider before attempting the course.

This fee is in addition to the fee required with an R-Licence application.

Applicants requiring assistance in reading and comprehending the Hunter Education Handbook, assessment questions and other important information should contact the Game Licensing Unit by emailing hunter.leap@dpi.nsw.gov.au before attempting the test.

R-guide accreditation

NSW Restricted (Guide) Game Hunting Licence applicants will only be able to guide others in the categories they are accredited for (ie, if your licence only has the category of firearms, you will be unable to guide a bowhunter).

R-commercial accreditation

NSW Restricted (Commercial) Game Hunting Licence applicants may only hunt using the categories of firearms and dogs.

However - if applicants intend to use their licence for standard hunting as well, they may seek accreditation for blackpowder firearms and bows.