R-Licence Accreditation Course

New! The revised and relaunched R-Licence Accreditation Course is available now. Study online or contact your local Hunter LEAP Trainer.

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Note: if you hold a current R-Licence, you do not need to complete this course.

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Section 1 - Mandatory training

Section 2 - Firearms

Section 2 - Bows

Section 2 - Dogs

Before you can apply for a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) to hunt on public land, you must complete some training and be a member of an approved hunting club. This helps ensure hunters are responsible, competent and have a heightened awareness of legislation, public safety and animal welfare.

Completing the R-Licence Accreditation Course, part of the Hunter LEAP education and training program, satisfies the adequate training requirements for individuals who seek to hunt on public land in NSW.

R-Licence Accreditation Course

About the course

Mandatory training for the Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) has been redeveloped to provide hunters with more comprehensive and relevant education about regulated hunting in NSW.

Revised in 2022, the new R-Licence Accreditation Course allows applicants to complete training online, at their own pace and in their own time, or in-person with a Hunter LEAP Trainer.

Whether you study online or through a trainer, the course exams continue to be multiple-choice, with participants able to refer to the Hunter Education Handbook or online study guide as they proceed (open-book).

'Open-book' exams assess your ability to think critically and creatively, not your ability to memorise and recall facts, skills that are important for public land hunters.

Choose how to learn

You can now choose how to complete the course depending on your preferred learning style: online, at your own pace and in your own time, or in-person with a Hunter LEAP Trainer. There are advantages to face-to-face training, such as a peer-based learning environment, practical application of learning and mentorship opportunities. However, it is sometimes hard to find a local trainer or find an appropriate time and place to meet for training.

Trainers can choose whether to run the course using paper-based materials, or to facilitate the online course to a group of people

Do you prefer to learn on your own? Or in a tailored learning environment with expert guidance? The choice is now yours.

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Course duration

The new R-Licence Accreditation Course, which incorporates the additional training as well as information specific to the public land hunting program, may take up to four hours to complete.

This time is reduced if you are able to study the Hunter Education Handbook before attempting the test.

Each page of the online course is narrated, allowing individuals who prefer auditory learning to hear rather than read the course content. The narration may be muted on each page and you may skip topics you’re already familiar with, further reducing the time.


The online R-Licence Accreditation Course fee is $40. It is the same fee whether you choose to complete one or three of the hunting method sections. DPI Hunting recommends you complete all three, if you have the time.

Hunter LEAP Providers are able to charge a fee for the Accreditation Course so they may recover their expenses. Please check the fee directly with your Provider before attempting the course.

This fee is in addition to the fee required with an R-Licence application.

Applicants requiring assistance in reading and comprehending the Hunter Education Handbook, assessment questions and other important information should emailing DPI Hunting first via hunter.leap@dpi.nsw.gov.au.

Completing the accreditation test

Section 1: Compulsory learning -  NSW Hunter Education Program

Section 1 contains compulsory learning that covers the basic knowledge required to be a safe, ethical and responsible hunter on public land.

The final exam comprises 40 multiple-choice questions and you may refer to the Hunter Education Handbook or online study guide as you find the answers.

Topics include:

  • hunting laws in NSW
  • being an ethical and involved hunter
  • animals, identification and welfare
  • hunting on public land
  • hunting on private land
  • outdoor safety and survival
  • being a safe hunter.

You must receive a score of 95% to pass Section 1.

Section 2: R-Licence categories

There are three hunting methods permitted to be used when hunting on public land in NSW:

  • Firearms (rifles, shotguns and blackpowder firearms) – 15 questions
  • Bows – 10 questions
  • Dogs – 10 questions.

These methods are referred to as ‘R-Licence categories’. While the new course combines categories Firearms (rifles and shotguns) and Blackpowder firearms, these will continue to be printed as separate categories on a licence card.

To use any of these hunting methods on public land, you must first become accredited for the relevant category by completing one or more training modules in Section 2 of the course. You can choose to complete any combination of the R-Licence categories; however they must complete at least one.

It's important to choose your categories carefully as you may only hunt using the methods you are accredited for. For example, if you do not choose the Hunting with Dogs category, your licence will not permit you to hunt with a dog. You may add categories at a later time, however you may need to pay the course fee again.

At the end of each category, you must successfully complete the assessments, achieving a pass mark of 90% per method.

Note: Use of firearms on public land
An R-Licence can be used a genuine reason to apply for a Firearms Licence in NSW and the ACT. Residents of other states should check with their local issuing authority.

This means applicants may attempt the R-Licence hunting method ‘Hunting with Firearms (Rifles, Shotguns, Blackpowder)’ and be licensed for that method, even if they do not hold a firearms licence. However, firearms cannot be used without a current Firearms Licence issued by a relevant state authority.

Passing the exams

If you don’t achieve the required pass mark for any section, you will be asked to study the Hunter Education Handbook and reattempt the accreditation course at a later date.

R-guide accreditation

NSW Restricted (Guide) Game Hunting Licence applicants will only be able to guide others in the categories they are accredited for (ie, if your licence only has the category of firearms, you will be unable to guide a bowhunter).

R-commercial accreditation

NSW Restricted (Commercial) Game Hunting Licence applicants may only hunt using the categories of firearms and dogs.

However - if applicants intend to use their licence for standard hunting as well, they may seek accreditation for bows.