Commercial printing of the Citrus Harvest Handbook

Figure 1. The harvest handbook printed in a A6 format

Industry is invited to sponsor print runs of the Australian Citrus Harvest Handbook in an A6 size pocket booklet (Figure 1).

Your sponsorship entitles you to place an advertisement on the back cover of the booklet. The booklet can be printed by a commercial printer of your choice. You can obtain a quote from your printer by indicating the following specifications:

  • 68 pp (including cover)
  • 150 mm x 148 mm (A6)
  • 90 gsm paper; white
  • Two print quality PDFs provided: cover and content
  • Saddle stitched
  • Colour throughout
  • Back cover page content provided as a separate PDF

A 90 gsm "soft cover" is acceptable. A cardboard cover would make the booklet more durable however some print machine might have difficulty in stapling through all of the pages and the cardboard cover.

You will need to prepare a design for the back page advertisement and provide it to the printer.  Some commercial printers can design the advertisement for you.

Please contact Steven Falivene to obtain the "Press ready" PDFs that you can provide to your printer.