Australian fresh citrus harvest handbook

Front cover and inside of the Australian Citrus Harvest Handbook printed in an A6 format

This handbook helps pickers use the correct harvest methods. Picking citrus in the correct manner reduces fruit damage and help pickers pick faster and safer. Topics covered in the handbook include:

  • Preparation: what to wear, equipment and starting the day.
  • Picking: mandarin and orange harvest techniques, ladder work and tools.
  • Machinery: awareness of tractors and forklifts.
  • Safety: personal health and good manual lifting techniques.
  • Harvest tips: work efficiently for a satisfying and productive experience.


Australian citrus harvest handbook05 May 2017PDF, 8.3 MB

A series of Citrus Harvest Videos is available to accompany this handbook.

A Citrus Harvest Exercise and Nutrition Guide is also available that outlines exercises to help prevent injuries and make work easier.