Grapevine management guide 2023–24


This year’s Grapevine management guide is full of interesting articles with practical information that can be implemented easily into any vineyard operation.

Examples include establishing the next generation 'Rootlings Network' (page 5), training growers and winery personnel for the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program (page 12), what to consider when planning a solar installation (page 18), options for under-vine management (page 24), mulching in vineyards (page 40), irrigation (page 43), biosecurity (page 46), vineyard biodiversity (page 48) and exploring options for resting vineyards with South Australian Research and Development Institute (page 99).

Identifying pests and diseases, including early signs of potential problems and control measures, is also included.

The Grapevine management guide is one of NSW DPI's flagship publications. Such publications are a crucial means of providing information for producers and we recommend this current edition to you.

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Published: Jul 2023