Macadamia sorting calculator - explanatory notes


Macadamia Sorting Calculator Version 1 - software and user instructions

The macadamia sorting calculator has been designed to assist you as a grower to make decisions regarding whether it is financially worth sorting macadamia nut in shell (NIS) or consigning directly to a processor.  There are 2 files that need to be downloaded below:

  1. The instruction file that outlines the method that is used and the factors impacting upon the accuracy of the results.
  2. The macadamia sorting calculator which is an excel® based spreadsheet which is used to calculate the estimated quality and value of sorting.

The information required to use the calculator is the total estimated kernel recovery of the nut sample to be sorted, the average time taken to sort a tonne of NIS, a payment table from your processor and a sample of NIS that you will simulate a sorting with.

Technical Requirements

The macadamia sorting calculator requires Microsoft Excel® (testing has been performed on Excel version 97 and up on various Microsoft operating systems).

The software has calculated cells which are locked. Before carrying out any calculations it is best to check that the input information cells are clear and you are entering new figures. If previous figures are left in the input cells the calculations will not be accurate for the new sample analysed.


If you are having problems with downloading or using the program contact:

Kevin Quinlan
District Horticulturist
PO Box 72
Alstonville NSW 2477
Phone: 02 6626 2400
Fax: 02 6628 5209


Primefact 779 First Edition

Published: Feb 2009

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