Macadamia grower's guide: new orchards


Jeremy Bright and Stephanie Alt, December 2022

The macadamia grower’s guide project (2022–24) provides up-to-date resources that articulate best management practices for macadamia growers. The online resources allow for timely updates incorporating new research findings and evolving macadamia management practices.

Macadamia grower's guide: new orchards looks at the processes involved in selecting the right land for macadamia production, through to planting trees. It explains the favourable site attributes, and more importantly, the unfavourable attributes and what can be severely limiting constraints. Other aspects covered include obtaining approvals (e.g. clearing and water licencing), design elements, preparing for planting, planting and early pruning. From an integrated orchard management (IOM) perspective, Macadamia grower's guide: new orchards looks thoroughly at stage 0 through to early stage 1.


Second Edition

Published: Jul 2023