Macadamia grower's guide: nutrition and soil health – Part 2: the next level


Nutrition and soil health – Part 2 the next level, is a companion to Nutrition and soil health – Part 1 the foundations.

Good management of nutrition and soil health starts with Part 1: The foundations, which offers a framework for building and sustaining production that is beneficial in every orchard. The foundational approach uses soil and tree monitoring to support decision-making about:

  • correcting pH
  • building up organic matter
  • implementing effective drainage
  • replacing nutrients and correcting imbalances.

Part 2: The next level supports growers with:

  • refining foundation practices
  • making more use of monitoring information
  • investigating the causes of nutrient disorders in trees
  • positively managing nutrition and soil health
  • increasing fertility and productivity over the life of the orchard.


Second Edition

Published: Jun 2023