Macadamia grower's guide: nutrition and soil health – Part 1: the foundations


Jeremy Bright and Stephanie Alt, December 2022

The macadamia grower’s guide project (2022–24) provides up-to-date resources that articulate best management practices for macadamia growers. The online resources allow for timely updates incorporating new research findings and evolving macadamia management practices.

Nutrition and soil health is the first module developed in the project. There is a tremendous amount of information in this topic area, which is why there are 2 parts: ‘the foundations’ and ‘the next level’.

This part, the foundations, offers a framework for building and sustaining productive capacity that is beneficial in every macadamia orchard. The next level is a more detailed reference that supports managing specific nutrition and soil health issues, once these have been identified and quantified through monitoring soils and trees. The next level includes information on managing nutrition where it is easy to go wrong if the situation in the orchard is unclear.

This first module of the grower’s guide uses the familiar print and online file formats. A developing web-based interface will support future modules.


Second Edition

Published: Dec 2022