Dan Bae

OriginKorea (1969), P. pyrifolia Chojuro x P. ussuriensis (Chungsil)
TreeMedium vigour, upright, productive, susceptible to fire blight, very hardy after juvenile stage. Ovate leaf with attenuate tip, medium serrations
Chilling requirementHigh
Blossom and pollination

Mid season, pale pink stamens, abundant pollen, self-incompatible, WBC, Hosui.

Fruit shapeUniform roundish, not so conical around stem as Niitaka, large.
Skin and fleshGreenish tan to tan, tough relatively thick, surface russeted, lenticels conspicuous. White flesh, sweet, texture firm, crisp and juicy but coarse with more stone cells than Shin Go, soluble solids 14%, excellent flavour, one of the best.
HarvestLate, just after Niitaka, 171-179 days after full bloom.
StorageGood, up to five months.

Nashi Dan Bae

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.