OriginKorea (1941), P. pyrifolia, Nijisseiki x P. bretschneideri, Ya Li.
TreeLarge and vigorous, spreading, productive. Large ovate leaf with attenuate tip, medium serrations.
Chilling requirementHigh
Blossom and pollination

Early mid-season. Abundant pollen, self incompatible, probably Ya Li or Tsu Li, may be a bit late for Corella or Red Face, some overlap with Hosui.

Fruit shapeUniform ovate acute pyriform, large
Skin and fleshGreenish yellow, thin, tender, smooth surface, lenticels inconspicuous. White flesh, sweet, texture tender, crisp juicy, somewhat coarse, soluble solids 13%.
HarvestMid season, similar to Niitaka, 157-165 days after full bloom.
StorageMedium, low chill injury when put into 0-10C immediately after harvest, browning internally, 30 days ambient.

Nashi Hwa Hong

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.