OriginKorea, P. pyrifolia, Cheonjichon x Imamuraaki, (Japan 1929).
TreeVigorous, upright, productive, susceptible to fire blight. Broad roundish leaf with attenuate tip, small neat serrations without the longer points of Shinko
Chilling requirementHigh
Blossom and pollination

Mid season, very poor pollen production, cross compatible with other varieties, maybe Dan Bae, Hosui and Kosui.

Fruit shapeUniform, large, flattish round, sometimes lopsided, conical, more so than Shinko.
Skin and fleshBright yellowish brown, tender, russeted, lenticels conspicuous. White flesh, sweet, very good quality, crisp, juicy, coarse and pulpy, soluble solids 12%.
HarvestMid season, similar to Hwa Hong, before Bong Ri and Dan Bae, 165-170 days after full bloom (before Shinko).
StorageShort, 30 days.

Nashi Shin Go

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.