OriginJapan, (pre 1941), P. pyrifolia, Nijisseiki x ?
TreeLow to moderate vigour, very upright, very productive, fire blight tolerance. Oval leaf with attenuate tip small neat serrations with longer points unlike Shin Go
Chilling requirementModerate.
Blossom and pollination

Mid season, plenty of pollen, useful pollinator. Partially self fertile.

Fruit shape

Round, large, more round and without the more conical shape of Shin Go.

Skin and flesh

Fully brown russetted, thick skin, (partial russet similar to Kosui russet). Good texture and flavour.


Late, about Niitaka? 155-170 days after full bloom, after Shin Go.

StorageStores well, 4-5 months.

Nashi Shinko

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.