OriginJapan, P. pyrifolia, Nijiseiki x Chojuro
TreeModerately vigorous, natural pyramid, can be stunted by over cropping, spur type, susceptible to fire blight. Broad oval leaf with attenuate tip, medium neat serrations
Chilling requirementModerate.
Blossom and pollination

Medium to late, partially self-fertile. Williams', Hakko, Nijisseiki, Chojuro.

Fruit shapeMedium when well thinned, flat-round, precocious, heavy bearing.
Skin and flesh

Yellow green, very smooth, tender, marks very easily. Coarse flesh, juicy, mild flavoured, medium sugar, high acid, flesh spot decay can be a problem with over mature fruit at harvest.

HarvestEarly mid season, few days after Kosui, when sugars about 12.5% and mostly yellow, 125 days after full bloom.
StorageShort, about two months.

Nashi Shinseiki

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties.