Agricultural Mapping

Agriculture remains central to NSW's food security and economic prosperity. However, the amount of rural land suitable for high levels of agricultural production in NSW is limited. Agricultural mapping therefore plays an important role in identifying and helping preserve this valuable resource.

The draft State Significant Agricultural Land (SSAL) map is now closed for public exhibition. The NSW Government will review submissions and consider how this map can best be used in the NSW planning framework.  Please visit the above link to learn more about how the draft SSAL map was developed.

Note: The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) are identifying State Significant Agricultural Land (SSAL) on a state wide basis. The information collected and guidelines for Important Agricultural Land (IAL) mapping will remain useful for local and regional mapping. Our team is available to assist anyone seeking to do such mapping.

Agricultural Mapping Resources

A guideline to identifying important agricultural lands in NSW

Interpreting important agricultural land maps

Agricultural land use mapping resources in NSW: User's guide

Agriculture industry mapping: Pilot mapping project

Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land (BSAL) Maps