Strategic Planning and Policy

A clear strategic planning framework is vital for communities wanting to promote agriculture and agribusiness. Strategic plans enable the early identification of agriculture as a key feature in various parts of the landscape and in regional economies. This demarcation sends a clear signal to investors and developers alike that agriculture remains the preferred future use for this land.

Comprehensive strategic planning can

  • aid in fostering both government and private sector investment
  • support growth in agricultural output
  • streamline assessment processes
  • aid in suitable site identification for future development
  • improve economic vitality
  • provide employment opportunities to the regions

To produce plans that deliver on these outcomes, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) recommends councils develop strategies and policies that identify the agricultural lands best suited to support a diverse range of products, or that are particularly suited to a single product (for example, bananas). Once identified, these lands should be zoned for agricultural production, and supported by comprehensive zone objectives and appropriate development standards.