Land Use Conflict Risk Assessment (LUCRA) Guide


Land Use Conflict Risk Assessment (LUCRA) is a system to identify and assess the potential for land use conflict to occur between neighbouring land uses.  It helps land managers and consent authorities assess the possibility for and potential level of future land use conflict.

LUCRA aims to:

  • accurately identify and address potential land use conflict issues and risk of occurrence before a new land use proceeds or a dispute arises
  • objectively assess the effect of a proposed land use on neighbouring land uses
  • increase the understanding of potential land use conflict to inform and complement development control and buffer requirements, and
  • highlight or recommend strategies to help minimise the potential for land use conflicts to occur and contribute to the negotiation, proposal, implementation and evaluation of separation strategies.

A LUCRA is a valuable tool. It enables a systematic, consistent and site-specific conflict assessment approach to land use planning and development assessment.



Published: 01 Oct 2011