A farmer's guide to increasing soil organic carbon under pastures


This book is based on findings from a three year project investigating soil carbon levels in pastures under different management systems in south east NSW. It is designed to be of practical use to farmers who want to increase their soil carbon levels. It includes basic information on soil carbon and reports the project's findings regarding the impact of pasture management on soil carbon.

From the introduction

For a long time, both farmers and scientists have been aware of the importance of soil organic carbon to soil health and sustainable agriculture. Recently there has also been an increasing interest in the possible role of soil organic carbon as a carbon sink for the mitigation of climate change and therefore the possibility of its inclusion in emissions trading schemes.

However, there is a lack of scientifically based data on soil carbon stocks in our agricultural soils under different management practices. In addition, there is a need for farmers to be better informed of the facts about soil carbon in agriculture so they can make sense of the many but often confusing claims appearing in the media.

This booklet aims to provide a practical guide to soil carbon under pastures. It is the product of a three year project looking at soil carbon levels under pastures, and the researchers have taken the opportunity to expand it from a simple report of project results to include further information on soil carbon that will be of interest to farmers, particularly graziers.

Citation: KY Chan, A Oates, DL Liu, GD Li, R Prangnell, G Polie, MK Conyers (2010) A farmer's guide to increasing soil organic carbon under pastures. Industry & Investment NSW, Wagga Wagga NSW. ISBN: 978 1 74256 010 6


Published: 2010