Ahead of the NSW state election on 25 March 2023, the NSW Government caretaker period has commenced. Limited updates will be made to this website during this period.

NSW Dairy Industry Action Plan

The NSW Government is committed to supporting the dairy industry in this state and responding to and delivering the ambition of the Action Plan. Both industry and government will play a role in implementing the Action Plan.

The Action Plan makes 28 recommendations across the themes of Research, Development and Extension, Confidence, Skills and Business Resilience and Stronger Futures. The NSW Government has responded to each of the recommendations.

The NSW Dairy Industry Action Plan was developed by the Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate, Mr Ian Zandstra and the NSW Dairy Industry Advisory Panel.

Be a part of the Dairy Industry Action Plan Implementation Panel

The Dairy Action Plan Implementation Panel (DAPIP) consists of a mix of industry stakeholders and have responsibility for overseeing implementation of the Plan.

Mr Rob Cooper has been appointed as Chair of the DAPIP, with Mr Phil Ryan as Deputy Chair.

The Panel will work with industry groups and government agencies to drive delivery of the actions outlined in the plan, while monitoring and reporting on implementation over the next two years.

NameIndustry involvement

Rob Cooper (DAPIP Chair)

Sub Tropical Dairy, Dairy Bio, Dairy Feedbase

Phil Ryan

NSW Farmers, Dairy NSW, Dairy Up

Alex Russell

NSW DPI, Dairy Up

Nicolas Lyons

NSW DPI, Dairy Up

Tim Bale

Mid coast Dairy Advancement Group, East Aus Milk

Scott Barnett

Dairy Consultant, Dairy Moving Forward

Yani Garcia

University of Sydney, Dairy Up

Ken Garner

SE Local Lands Services, Dairy Up

Mike Jeffrey

Norco Milk Cooperative

Ian Lean

Scibus, East Aus Milk, Dairy Up

Jenny Wilson

Murray Dairy

Paul van Wel

Dairy NSW

Brad Granzin

SubTropical Dairy

Ruth Kydd

East Aus Milk

Dan Brear

NSW Farmer Dairy Manager

Greg Duncan

Dairy Australia

Previous bodies

Prior to the implementation panel, work was completed by the NSW Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate, Ian Zandstra and the NSW Dairy Industry Advisory Panel.