African swine fever (ASF) investigation


African swine fever (ASF) may cause sudden deaths or unexplained illness in pigs. If illness or deaths in pigs you have attended are potentially consistent with disease due to ASF, samples should be submitted to exclude or confirm infection. ASF cannot be diagnosed or differentiated from Classical swine fever on clinical grounds alone.

This Primefact is a resource for veterinarians investigating suspect ASF cases and provides guidance on collecting and submitting samples, and links to resources about farm biosecurity, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), personal decontamination and restraining and collecting blood from pigs.

Topics in this Primefact include:

  • Biosecurity for field visits
  • Disinfectants
  • Restraining pigs and collecting samples
  • Resources for identifying clinical disease and pathological lesions
  • Laboratory diagnostic testing for ASF
  • Sampling domestic pigs
  • Sampling feral pigs
  • Swab viral transport media
  • Labelling of samples
  • Packing ASF samples
  • Sample submission
  • Laboratory testing arrangements


Primefact 1710 First Edition

Published: Mar 2020