Information brochures about protecting pigs from exotic animal diseases

Piglets in a pen are looking towards the camera

Good biosecurity means taking action to protect your pigs from impacts of pests and diseases, including African swine fever.

Regardless of the size of your enterprise or hobby farm, all pig owners play a vital role in maintaining the health and welfare of livestock, and providing quality pork products to consumers. The introduction of exotic diseases such as classical swine fever and African swine fever would cause serious production losses to Australia’s pig industry and jeopardise export markets for pig products.

There are a number of requirements for pig owners that are monitored by government and industry authorities.

Resources available

Resources for download below on this webpage contain important information about keeping pigs healthy and biosecurity responsibilities for pig owners. Resources cover topics including:

Eight ‘Must do’s’ for pig owners

Information about registering your property; identifying your pigs; registering on the PigPass database; ensuring pigs moving on-farm have a travel document; being welfare compliant; training in pig husbandry; keeping your pigs healthy and; starting a quality assurance program.

Recognising exotic diseases of pigs

Information about the signs and symptoms of exotic pig diseases, and the importance of reporting sick or dead pigs immediately to the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

Swill feeding

Information about what not to feed to pigs. The practice of feeding meat products or food that contains, or has been in contact with meat products, to pigs is known as ‘swill’ feeding. This is illegal in Australia, and can make pigs very sick.

Responsible disposal of food waste

Information about preventing the spread of exotic pig diseases but ensuring food scraps are thoughtfully and securely disposed of in waste bins, and not fed to pigs.

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