Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program

The NSW Government’s Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program introduced linkages between shares and catch or effort, to provide greater certainty and ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the NSW commercial fishing industry. Fishers now have the ability to invest in their businesses with more certainty than ever before. Importantly, share linkages have been tailored to each share class.

Under the Business Adjustment Program, some commercial fishers purchased more shares to secure their level of business activity, while others chose to sell their shares and exit the industry. A range of assistance measures has been provided to help industry through this transition process.

Key dates


Sun 24 June

Last day to complete online fishing business / share transfers via FisherDirect (before end of financial year)

Note: Any pending online transactions must be completed before the end of the day (if they include quota with a new fishing period starting 1 July) or they will be deleted.

Fishing Business / share transfers will be unavailable 25 June - 1 July

Fri 29 June

IAP final advice due to government for the Southern Fish Trawl Restricted Fishery

Sun 1 July

Start of new fishing (quota) period for mud crab, blue swimmer crab, spanner crab, eel and eastern sea garfish – annual quota will be issued by this date

Mon 2 July

Snapshot date for 2018/19 management charges (charges will be calculated based on shareholdings on this date)

Fri 6 July

Closing date for applications to correct fishing activity records relevant to the Independent Allocation Panel process

What's next in 2018

As a guide, a few important milestones (with approximate dates) are listed below. DPI will provide more information to fishers as the year progresses.

  • Allocation of quota (for 2018/19 fishing period) to holders of mud crab, blue swimmer crab, eel, spanner crab and eastern sea garfish quota shares
  • Start of new quota system for spanner crab
  • Removal of some fishing boat licensing requirements
  • CommFish NSW meeting 3 (proposed)
  • Issue of new quota shares for 17 new species/species groups + effort shares in Ocean Trawl
  • CommFish NSW meetings 4 & 5 (proposed)
By Dec
  • Fishing determinations for 17 new species/species groups + effort in Ocean Trawl

New share linkage and management arrangements

On 1 December 2017 the new share linkage and management arrangements commenced in most share classes.

Independent Allocation Panel

The Independent Allocation Panel (IAP) has been established to provide advice to the government on the criteria to be used in allocating new species and effort quota shares in four fisheries.

The lAP process and consultation is being managed by Grant Thornton Australia Ltd. Further information on the panel and updates are available on the Grant Thornton website.

Licence renewals and management fees

For information on 2018/19 Commercial Fishing Licence and Fishing Boat Licence renewals and management fees, please see the Licensing & forms webpage.