Independent Allocation Panel

The Independent Allocation Panel (IAP) has been established to provide advice to the government on the criteria to be used in allocating new species and effort quota shares in four fisheries.

New species quota shares are being allocated in the following fisheries:

  • Ocean Trawl – Fish Northern Zone
  • Ocean Hauling – Purse Seine Net
  • Ocean Trap and Line – Line Eastern Zone
  • Estuary General – Hand Gathering

New effort quota shares are being allocated in the following fishery:

  • Ocean Trawl – Inshore and Offshore Prawn

The IAP members are:

  1. Professor Daryl McPhee
  2. Mr Brett McCallum
  3. Ms Susan Madden

Grant Thornton Australia Ltd has been engaged to manage the affairs and processes of the panel.

Open for Comment - IAP draft Terms of Reference

A draft Terms of Reference for the IAP has been developed for each fishery. You can see the draft Terms of Reference below. Comments are being sought from the affected shareholders in each fishery.

  1. Ocean Trawl - draft Terms of Reference (PDF, 124.37 KB)
  2. Ocean Hauling - draft Terms of Reference (PDF, 123.25 KB)
  3. Ocean Trap & Line - draft Terms of Reference (PDF, 123.82 KB)
  4. Estuary General - draft Terms of Reference (PDF, 123.22 KB)

Please submit any comments in writing by email by 1 December 2017