Independent Review of Commercial Fisheries Policy, Management and Administration

25 May 2012

A review into commercial fisheries policy, management and administration was done by an independent review team comprised of three experienced individuals Richard Stevens, Peter Neville and Ian Cartwright who have extensive expertise and background in both national and international fisheries management.

The reviewers conducted an appraisal of the current policy, management and administrative frameworks within the NSW commercial fisheries sector and prepared a report for the Minister which provides strategic advice across the above three  aspects with a particular focus on six broad terms of reference that include:

  • Current and alternative fisheries management models,
  • Review of consultation framework,
  • Review of legislation to ensure effective resource management,
  • Fisheries sharing arrangements relating to commercial fisheries access,
  • Review of alternative fisheries management opportunities,
  • Structural adjustment program

These terms of reference were designed to help develop a structure that provides a stronger future for commercial fisheries and provide industry with long-term viability and increased certainty whilst ensuring sustainability of the State’s fisheries resources.

The independent reviewers provided the fishing industry with an opportunity to give written comments and feedback on the terms of reference. The review team also held a series of port meetings during November 2011 at Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Ulladulla which were attended by over 100 fishers. Following a short presentation on the overall aims of the review, fishers were given the opportunity to talk to the reviewers or ask questions in person.

These views were taken into consideration along with advice from a Stakeholder Reference Group, a group of 12 active fishers who were selected by the review team to provide fishery specific feedback on issues.

The final report from the independent review team is now available.