Lachlan catchment

The Lachlan catchment covers an area of approximately 84,700 km2. The Lachlan River rises near Gunning and terminates in the great Cumbung Swamp near Oxley, 1450 river kilometres to the west. Major tributaries of the Lachlan include the Abercrombie, Boorowa, Belubula and Crookwell Rivers.

Aquatic habitat

The aquatic ecosystem of the Lachlan is well-recognised. Detailed information is available in the Primefact.

Barriers to fish passage

Weirs can represent significant barriers for fish passage. A report on reducing the impact of weirs within the Lachlan catchment is available.

Threats to aquatic habitat

There are several significant processes threateneing the long term health and viability of the lower Lachlan. Information about these is provided in the report.

Protecting and rehabilitating aquatic habitat

NSW DPIRD is working the local landholders and communities to protect and rehabilitate aquatic and riparian habitats. Two of the current projects are:

  • Wetlands on farms
  • Lachlan snag management project

See ...

  • Primefact: The aquatic ecological community in the natural drainage system of the lowland catchment of the Lachlan River