How to get to Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve is located on Sydney's northern beaches, approximately 20 km north of Sydney city.

To get to Long Reef Aquatic Reserve:

  1. Turn right into Seaview Parade from Anzac Avenue, Collaroy.
  2. Look for the sign to Long Reef Point & Fishermans Beach next to the Long Reef Golf Club.


Long Reef Aquatic Reserve

Long Reef Aquatic Reserve includes Fishermans Beach at Collaroy, a sheltered sandy beach on the northern side of the headland, the very exposed and rip-dominated northern end of Long Reef Beach, and some very small areas of sandy beach in amongst the rocky shore on Long Reef headland itself.

a view over a headland to the sea

Views from the top of Long Reef headland show the extensive rocky shores of the aquatic reserve.

a view of water lapping to beach to headland

The southern side of Long Reef headland has wide, flat rock platforms.


The visually stunning geology of Long Reef headland shows the oldest units of early Triassic sediments from the Narrabeen group.

rocky pathway where habitat are found

Long Reef has the most variety of rocky reef habitats found anywhere in the Sydney basin, and this provides for a diversity of marine plants and animals.

rocks, sand and water lead to a wide beach with trees

Fishermans Beach (in the distance of this photo) on the northern side of the headland is a relatively protected beach surrounded by rocky areas. It is popular for swimming, boating and snorkelling.

close up of a rock with seaweed

The reserve is regularly used by university students conducting research, here snails have been marked as part of a research project.