SCUBA diving and snorkelling

Diver with Tursiops

Snorkellers can explore the park's colourful marine life and pristine waters just meters from shore. The calm waters provide ideal viewing of about 500 fish and 90 coral species.

  • Hire snorkelling gear or leave a donation and use the equipment in the 'honesty box' on Neds Beach.
  • Visit snorkelling spots Sylph's Hole and North Bay by a short swim from shore.
  • Divers from around the world visit Lord Howe Island to explore the park's 50 dive sites, including Balls Pyramid. Apart from the reef, the park offers divers underwater trenches, caves and volcanic drop-offs.
  • The island is a remnant of a long-extinct shield volcano, dating back millions of years.
  • The mix of warm tropical and cool temperate currents create a diverse mix of marine species and habitats.
  • Tour operators offer snorkelling and SCUBA diving tours and training most days. For more information see Visit NSW.

What you need to know

  • Always check conditions before you go diving and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

What else can I do and see?