Aquatic habitat protection and rehabilitation






Flagship Habitat Action

The Flagship Habitat Action program will work with key stakeholders and attract matching investment to deliver large-scale coastal fish habitat rehabilitation; restoring highly productive fisheries.


SW $400,000

SW $400,000

Implementing the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership 2015-2017 Strategic Plan for improved fish habitat outcomes for NSW

This project will implement Strategy 1 and 4 of the 2015-2017 NSW Fish Habitat Partnership Strategic Plan. This includes the development of a stakeholder driven 10 year Fish Habitat Action Plan for the state, through extensive consultation and engagement of key stakeholders.

Fish Habitat Partnership Inc.SW $20,000
FW $10,000

Pump Fishway Project: development of a new NSW fishway design

The innovative Pump Fishway concept aims to address the poor performance and prohibitive costs of NSW fishways. The project will establish proof-of-concept of the ‘Pump Fishway’ through physical-model development, with hydraulic laboratory observations and experimental trials using hatchery fish.

Harris ResearchSW $26,985
FW $11,565

One Tree Reach weir management investigation to improve water quality and fish habitat

A hydrological investigation at One Tree Reach wetland will optimise weir management in order to improve wetland processes, water quality and vegetation condition. In doing so fish stocks will also be enhanced.

Hornsby Shire Council

SW $35,000


Aquatic habitat protection and fish conservation - South Coast and Greater Murray Regions

Provision of fish conservation management services for the south coast and Murray region of NSW to enhance key fish habitat protection and recreational fishery involvement in fish habitat protection and management.


SW $173,398 FW $188,486

SW $177,693 FW $193,389

SW $182,108 FW $198,441

Habitat Action Project - making more fish… naturally

The project provides community grants to Councils, recreational fishing groups etc, to undertake fish habitat restoration projects, such as replanting and protecting river bank vegetation,  removing barriers to fish migration, restoring water flows for fish populations etc. These projects support the improvement of recreationally important fish stocks.


(community grants)

SW $525,000

FW $210,000

SW $526,300

FW $211,300

SW $528,050

FW $212,150

Projects funded prior to 2015/16 can be viewed in the: