Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Expenditure Committee

The Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFSTEC) gives recreational fishers along the coast an opportunity to have input into how their licence money is spent.

By law, all revenue raised by the new recreational fishing fee is being placed into two Trusts dedicated to recreational fishing - one for saltwater fishing and the other for freshwater fishing.

Together with the Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFFTEC), the saltwater angler committee plays an important role in the management of our fisheries resources. The two angler committees consider expenditure priorities and community proposals for the Trusts.

The new committee is made up of members representing eight regions along the entire NSW coast, and key stakeholders including major recreational fishing groups. The Committee brings together recreational fishers with a wide variety of expertise in the recreational fishing sector.

Recreational Fishing Saltwater Regions


RFSTEC members

Committee Member

Qualification & Fishing Interests

Bruce Schumacher (Chair)

Life member of the Fishing Clubs Association (FCA). National and international fishing experience and offshore fishing champion. Life member of the Fishing Clubs Association (FCA). Bruce also has considerable past experience as a fishing journalist and weekly columnist for various newspapers and magazines.

Mark Berg (Region 1 - Queensland border to Evans Head)

Presenter of Fishing Addiction television series. Video and television producer and presenter. Experienced recreational fisher with knowledge and skills in all forms of fishing.

Lisa Terry (Region 2 - Evans Head to Woolgoolga)

A champion angler and teacher of recreational fishing courses at TAFE.

Geoff Shelton (Region 3 - Woolgoolga to Port Macquarie)

Extensive experience in recreational fishing, head teacher at TAFE, teaching maritime studies, Vice President of Port Macquarie Blue Water Fishing Club.

Adrian Wayne (Region 4 - Port Macquarie to Seal Rocks)

Extensive experience in recreational fishing/spearfishing.

Lionel Jones (Region 5 - Seal Rocks to The Entrance)

President and public officer for the Lake Macquarie Concerned Anglers Group, member of the Cardiff Bowling Club Fishing Club, saltwater and estuarine fishing specialist.

John Paton (Region 6a - The Entrance to Wollongong)

Experienced gamefisher and charter boat operator, knowledge of saltwater trust funded programs. Member Broken Bay Game Fishing Club.

Stuart Rhodes (Region 6b - The Entrance to Wollongong)

Experienced Estuary, Offshore competition fisher. Fishing magazine author.

Ann Garard (Region 7 - Wollongong to Narooma)

Long-term Charter Fishing Boat owner/operator. Experienced saltwater angler (offshore/deep sea). Current member of ACoRF and the Marine and Estuarine Recreational Charter Management Advisory Committee (since 2002) – nominated by MERCMAC as the charter fishing representative.

Micah Adams (Region 8 - Narooma to Victoria border)

Leading fishing journalist with extensive saltwater fishing experience. Fishing magazine author.

Stan Konstantaras (Recreational Fishing Alliance)

Chairman of the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, NSW President and National Safety Officer for Australian National Sportfishing Association, President South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association.

Allan Hansard (NSW recreational fishing organisation representative)

Managing Director of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, Chief Executive of the Australian Fishing Trade Association. Committee member for establishing a National Recreational Fishing Council. National organiser of National Gone Fishing Day. Recreational representative on the FRDC Commonwealth Research Advisory Committee.

John Burgess (ANSA NSW Branch)

Vice President of Australian National Sportfishing Association (NSW). Treasurer of South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association. Experienced fisher (game fishing, estuary, rock, beach and underwater).

Graham Williams OAM (NSW Game Fishing Association)

Extensive committee experience relating to the game fish sector at local, state and national levels.

Peter Turnell

NSW Department of Primary Industries representative. Director Recreational and Indigenous Fisheries

Committee Outcomes

Outcomes of Meeting 50 (Draft)October 2017PDF, 69.0 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 49May 2017PDF, 232.9 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 48 (Draft)December 2016PDF, 40.4 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 47November 2016PDF, 64.5 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 46August 2016PDF, 103.3 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 45November 2015PDF, 92.0 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 44August 2015PDF, 86.7 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 43March 2015PDF, 220.1 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 42November 2014PDF, 77.6 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 41June 2014PDF, 131.8 KB
Outcomes of Meeting 40November 2013PDF, 168.5 KB