Apply for funds

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for funding from the Recreational Fishing Trusts, including fishing organisations, universities, councils, community groups, individuals etc. Organisations applying for funding should be incorporated. Joint applications are also encouraged.

What types of projects are funded?

A comprehensive angler survey of the Recreational Fishing Trusts, completed in 2022, indicated widespread support for the current range of programs funded from the Trusts. Over the years, the Trusts have provided funding to a wide range of projects including:

  • Recreational fishing enhancement - fish aggregating devices, artificial reefs and fish stocking
  • Fishing facilities and access - fishing platforms, fish cleaning tables, enhancing access
  • Fishing education - fishing workshops, Fishcare volunteers, schools education
  • Aquatic habitat rehabilitation - community grants to remove barriers to fish migration, replanting & protecting river bank vegetation, restoring water flows etc
  • Research on fish and recreational fishing - fishing surveys, biology of popular recreational species, angler catch projects
  • Enforcement of fishing rules - Fisheries officers
  • Gone Fishing NSW Day fishing club grants

Previously funded projects are listed online

General instructions

There are different funding application forms to choose from when applying for funding:

  • Small projects - seeking less than $10,000 of funding
  • Large projects - seeking more than $10,000 of funding

Each form can be downloaded electronically below.

Funding guidelines

It is recommended applicants read the funding guidelines for more information on preparing Trust applications before completing an application form.

Application forms

How to apply

Applications can be made by completing the appropriate Funding Application form and forwarding it to the Recreational Fishing Trusts Executive Officer:



LMB 3020

Who can assist you?

For assistance with completing your application and to ensure applications are consistent with priorities for funding contact the Recreational Fishing Trust Management Team on (02) 4429 7428 or e-mail

When do the grants close?

Applications closed on the 18 December 2023.

Applicants should contact DPI on (02) 4916 3835 or before applying.

Further information

Habitat rehabilitation projects

Please note – Recreational Fishing Trust funding for projects that restore, rehabilitate and protect fish habitat is available through the DPI Habitat Action Grants Program. These require a different funding application form. Aquatic habitat rehabilitation project applications must be submitted via the Habitat Action Grants Program rather than the general Recreational Fishing Trust funding round.

Any aquatic habitat rehabilitation projects received during the general Recreational Fishing Trust funding round will be referred to the Habitat Action Grants Program or back to the applicant. For further information on the habitat projects please contact the Habitat Action Grants Program coordinator on or phone (02) 6763 1206 .

Fish stocking projects

Please note - a different application form applies to re-stocking rivers or impoundments with freshwater native fish. An Expression of Interest to re-stock public waters with native fish through the Dollar for Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program is released in February each year. For further information phone (02) 6763 1217.

Any relevant freshwater fish stocking applications received during the general Recreational Fishing Trust funding round will be referred to the Dollar for Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program or back to the applicant.