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Gone Fishing NSW Day 2017 – promoting fishing as a healthy, fun, outdoors activity

Following on from the success of NSW Gone Fishing Day, it is proposed to again run the third NSW Fishing Day partnered with the national event on the 15 October 2017. The day will recognise and promote the importance of recreational fishing as a healthy, fun, outdoors activity. The NSW event has grown significantly in the past 2 years and early planning of the many coordinated fishing activities, including fishing club involvement, is now required.



SW $240,000

FW $60,000


Tenterfield Shire fishing information leaflet for visitors and local residents – Small Grant

To provide visitors to the Tenterfield Shire information about locations and regulations related to fishing in the area.

Ratepayers Association of Tenterfield Shire 

FW $1,000


Engaging young recreational fishers in the importance of river health – Small Grant

This project aims to provide fun, attractive and age appropriate educational materials in the resources pack for competitions at the annual Namoi River Carp Muster at Narrabri.

Narrabri Amateur Fishing Club Inc. 

FW $2,000


Lithgow High School aquaculture and fishing sustainability project – Small Grant

Determining growth rates and displacement of natural species. Fingerlings to be nurtured at LHS aquaculture facility, transferred to temporary holding dam where growth rates are measured and fish tagged before being released locally to be caught and monitored.

Lithgow High School 

FW $10,000


Moree Lions Club kids fishing day – Small Grant

To promote correct fishing methods with kids under 12 years of age with their families, whilst conducting a community event.

Lions Club of Moree 

FW $9,800


Traditional Fish – Small Grant

The project aims to prevent isolation with Aboriginal men with a disability, using fishing and talking group (yarning circle) whilst engaging in recreational fishing.

Deniliquin Local Aboriginal Land Council 

FW $5,435


Warrawong High School – Project Neptune 2016/17 – Small Grant

Project Neptune began in 1998. Fishing is a school sport. Weather permitting, sport is Thursday afternoons. Terms 1 & 4 The highlight is the program’s annual deep sea charter.

Warrawong High School 

SW $1,920


Assisting others to enjoy fishing  2016/2017 – Small Grant

Hold three junior Fishing Clinics and 1 CanTeen Cancer Kids visit. Teach how to rig rods, tie knots, bait hooks, cast rods, gather bait from inter tidal zones, cast, catch and release fish and look after the environment.

Narooma Sport and Gamefishing Club Inc 

SW $5,000


Warrawong Intensive English Centre – Fishing for Refugees (additional funding sought for existing project) – Small Grant

This submission is an extension to SS004 ($3,406). The objective is to teach refugee new arrivals to Australia responsible and sustainable fishing practices through funding for transport to different fishing locations.

Intensive English Centre, Warrawong 

SW $6,500


Fish Port Stephens - digitally interactive educational display on recreational fishing in Port Stephens at the Visitor Information Centre – Small Grant

To develop content and partnerships to create a dedicated digitally interactive educational display on all aspects of recreational fishing in Port Stephens at the Visitor Information Centre Nelson Bay, including mobile friendly web content and comprehensive user-friendly information on recreational fishing in the Port Stephens region. The project will be supported by a marketing campaign to promote Port Stephens as a great destination for fishing – for locals and visitors.

Destination Port Stephens 

SW $10,000


Civic Disability Services fishing program, Sutherland Shire

To allow delivery of a weekly fishing activity for low-to-high needs individuals with intellectual disability who have an interest in fishing and nature.

Civic Disability Services SW $16,400 

Go Fishing NSW Day 2016 – promoting fishing as a healthy, fun, outdoors activity

Following the success of the NSW Go Fishing NSW Day in December last year, it is proposed to hold the second day on 16 October 2016. The day will recognise and promote the importance of recreational fishing as a healthy, fun, outdoors activity. The day will coincide with the inaugural National Recreational Fishing Day, which is being run by the Australian Fishing Trade Association.



FW $57,000


Communicating more effectively with recreational fishers from Chinese speaking backgrounds

To better understand how communications with Chinese speaking recreational fishers can be improved.

University of Wollongong 

SW $81,039


Inland Fishing Summit

Empowering existing recreational fishing groups, by exposing them to highly successful models of fundraising, better enabling them to increase community support and contribute back to the fishery through habitat management.

OzFish Unlimited 

FW $39,500


Delivery of sector representation and consultation services for recreational fishing in NSW.

Proposed DPI tender process to seek appointment of an Executive Officer for a NSW recreational fishing organisation, to work with government to enhance representation and consultation with the NSW recreational fishing sector.


Improving access to educational information on humane dispatch for fish species encountered by recreational fishers in New South Wales – Small Grant

Upgrading the website and phone applications to improve user access by allowing fishers based in NSW to search from a list of species that only occur in NSW, rather than the whole database.

DigsFish ServicesSW $6,300
FW $2,700

Reproduction of 13,500 NSW Fishing Safely DVDs

Reproduction of 13,500 Fishing Safety DVDs and free bulk distribution to NSW DPI, fishing groups, safe fishing clinics, community groups, other agencies and organisations.

Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSWSW $9,970  

Kinchella Primary School and Hat Head Fishing Club -fishing project

Educate students in basic fishing skills including: Hazards, Environment, Fishing gear, Casting, Bait and Practical. To be carried out by Hat Head Fishing Club Volunteers in conjunction with NSW Fisheries “Get Hooked” program

Hat Head Bowling & Rec. Club Amateur Fishing ClubSW $2,000  

NSW Fishing Day 2015 – Go fishing in NSW

To conduct the inaugural Annual NSW Fishing Day on 6 December 2015 in six locations throughout NSW to recognise and promote the importance of fishing to the community, particularly in regional NSW. The project ultimately aims to encourage people to go fishing, especially new entrants to the sport. Ultimately the aim is to increase participation in recreational fishing.


SW $85,000

FW $40,000


Recreational fishing Smartphone app (FishSmart)

Involves development of a DPI recreational fishing app to provide interactive, easy to find  information on various fishing aspects, such as fishing rules, recreational fishing havens, artificial reefs, fish aggregating devices, fishing guides, a newsfeed facility, marine park maps, report illegal fishing, threatened species sightings, pest fish etc. The app will be available free of charge to download by the public and will follow the SharkSmart app previously launched by DPI.


SW $18,000

FW $40,000


Lets Go Fishing – educating school children on the sustainable benefits of recreational fishing

This project provides fishing gear and other resources to enable high school teachers from the Marine Teachers Association to involve students in fishing through supervised practical fishing activities.

Australian Fishing Trade Association

SW $110,000


Fishing competitions and events: responsible recreational fishing promotion and effective management

The project works closely with anglers from fishing clubs, fishing competitions and their organisers to help them improve the environmental performance of their events whilst helping to promote the positive benefits of fishing for the community. The project promotes best practice recreational fishing and competition management techniques.


SW $101,505

FW $25,376

SW $103,618

FW $25,904

SW $105,624

FW $26,406

Get Hooked…It's Fun to Fish

This involves an interactive and discovery based recreational fishing project for primary schools, which meets the NSW Department of Education and Training Environmental Education Policy and curriculum. Primary schools register for the project and receive a comprehensive resource kit free of charge so that teachers can teach about recreational fishing fish species, the importance of healthy aquatic life for fish stocks and responsible fishing. In term 4, fishing workshops are held throughout NSW where the students can put their new skills and knowledge into practice.  Over 100 schools and 5,000 participate in the project each year.


SW $396,000

FW $39,000

SW $396,000

FW $39,000

SW $396,000

FW $39,000

Sydney International Boat Show 2015 – attendance of Fishcare trailer 'Bluey'

This project purchases retail space at the Boat Show for 'Bluey' the Trust recreational fishing advisory trailer. DPI staff and Fishcare Volunteers attend the trailer promoting safe and responsible recreational fishing to the general public attending the Show.

NSW DPI/ Fishcare Volunteers

SW $18,000


NSW Fishing Workshops

Each year, DPI runs around 70 regional fishing workshops where children are taught responsible fishing practices and how to fish. The project provides an enjoyable educational experience that aims to teach the basics of fishing to new entrants to the sport.


SW $36,310

FW $19,780

SW $37,000

FW $20,000

SW $37,740

FW $20,400

Fishcare Project

Around 300 Fishcare Volunteers are supported by 5 DPI regional Education Officers to provide face to face education of recreational fishers at 500 events each year. Volunteers and Education Officers make over 50,000 contacts with recreational fishers each year promoting responsible and safe fishing.


SW $595,200

FW $170,000

SW $610,000

FW $174,250

SW $625,300

FW $178,600

Recreational Fishing Guides

The project involves the printing of 300,000 comprehensive saltwater and freshwater recreational fishing guides each year. The guides have a wide range of information, including fishing rules, sustainable fishing practices, where fishing fee revenue is spent etc. The guides are distributed to fishers free of charge.


SW $135,000

FW $55,000

SW $135,000

FW $55,000

SW $135,000

FW $55,000

Fishing fee awareness

This project raises awareness of the need to pay the fishing licence fee and where licence fees is spent using advertising and promotion in fishing magazines and videos.


SW $35,000

FW $15,000

SW $35,000

FW $15,000

SW $35,000

FW $15,000

Tour Guide, Gaden Trout hatchery

This provides funding for a Tour Guide at the Gaden Trout hatchery to run the visitor's centre and tourist complex. The guide conducts guided tours and other informative visitor information services, undertakes marketing / promotion of the hatchery and assists with the running of hatchery children's fishing workshops


FW $73,523

FW $75,361

FW $77,245

Clean Fishing in Queanbeyan – Small Grant

Queanbeyan City Council proposes to install educational signage along the Queanbeyan River to address problems associated with lost and littered recreational fishing line.

Queanbeyan City Council




Fishing for refugees – Small Grant

This project will teach high-school aged refugee new arrivals to Australia responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Intensive English centre, Warrawong High School




Assisting others to enjoy fishing – Small Grant

The club will hold 3 junior fishing clinics and 1 canTeen Cancer Kids visit. The clinics teach how to rig rods, tie knots, bait hooks, gather bait from intertidal zones, cast, catch and release fish and how to look after the environment.

Narooma Sport and Gamefishing Club Inc




Warrawong High School's - Project Neptune – Small Grant

The high school began Project Neptune in 1998, which involves running a fishing workshop for students and finishing the school term with an annual deep sea charter.

Warrawong High School




Projects funded prior to 2015/16 can be viewed in the: