Priority Area Snapshot


Fish stocked


Offshore FADs deployed

artificial reefs

planning complete for two new reefs

Fish Aggregating Devices

Fish aggregating devices are large buoys deployed in strategic positions along the NSW coast during the warmer months each year. They provide reliable offshore fishing for warm water pelagic species, such as Dolphinfish, which arrive with the East Australian Current.

Key achievements:

  • 34 offshore FADs deployed between Tweed Heads and Eden
  • very high retrieval rate of adrift FADs aided by real-time satellite tracking.

Offshore artificial reefs

The artificial reefs program provides new, quality recreational fishing opportunities through the installation of complex, designed reef modules in carefully selected coastal locations.

Key achievements:

  • completion of planning, approvals and fabrication of the Forster and Central Coast offshore artificial reefs for installation in late 2023
  • investigations and consultation are underway for two artificial reefs to be delivered in the Ballina and Coffs regions in 2024
  • NSW artificial reefs and FADs program presented at the World Recreational Fishing Conference.

Fish Stocking

Fish stocking in NSW involves producing fish fry or fingerlings and releasing them into approved sites across the State. Stocking events in NSW are carried out under permits ensuring appropriate environmental controls.

Key achievements:

  • almost six million fish stocked into NSW waterways including 239,026 marine fish species and more than 5.7 million freshwater fish
  • record production and stocking of Murray Cod (1.286 million fish) at DPI’s Narrandera Fisheries Centre for the second year running
  • a record 556,767 Australian Bass produced by DPI’s Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, stocked into Glenbawn Dam, Tallowa Dam and Lake St Clair
  • 54,350 juvenile Dusky Flathead successfully released into 3 key Recreational Fishing Havens
  • more than 2.467 million salmonids produced by DPI’s Gaden and Dutton trout hatcheries, stocked into key trout fishing lakes, rivers and streams
  • a record 184,621 Mulloway fingerlings produced by DPI’s Port Stephens Fisheries Institute were released into the Georges River, Lake Macquarie and Hastings River
  • 165,967 Murray Cod, 121,743 Golden Perch and 110,040 Australian Bass released by fishing clubs and other community groups as part of DPI’s popular community-based native fish stocking program.

2022-23 Annual Report

Income and expenditure from the Trusts are subject to an annual audit and regular announcements are made about licence fee expenditure. DPI also carries out periodic surveys of recreational fishing licence holders to ensure that the broad funding priorities are in line with angler expectations.

Download the 2022-23 Annual Report