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Recreational compliance checks undertaken


Compliance rate for recreational sector


Educational events attended by DPI Fisheries Officers

Fisheries Officers

Key Achievements:

  • 34,524 recreational compliance checks undertaken across NSW waterways by DPI Fisheries Officers
  • the detection of 4,742 offences (resulting from recreational compliance checks), which led to 2,554 written warnings, 1,875 penalty notices totalling $595,150 in value, 180 prosecution actions and a range of other sanction types
  • attendance of DPI Fisheries Officers at 108 educational events.

Compliance Statistics

Total recreational contacts 34,524
Compliance rate for recreational sector 90%
Recreational field hours 42,602
Recreational offences 4,742
Recreational written warnings 2,554
Recreational penalty notices 1,875
Value of recreational penalty notices $595,150
Recreational prosecution actions commenced 180
Recreational prosecution fines 117
Value of recreational prosecution fines $141,300
Operations conducted (all sectors) 50
Recreational fish and invertebrates seized 24,997
Recreational fishing gear and other items seized 1,394
Vessel patrol hours (all sectors) 5,463
Educational events attended (all sectors) 108

2021-22 Annual Report

Income and expenditure from the Trusts are subject to an annual audit and regular announcements are made about licence fee expenditure. DPI also carries out periodic surveys of recreational fishing licence holders to ensure that the broad funding priorities are in line with angler expectations.

Download the 2021-22 Annual Report