Fishing Facilities
and Access

Funding from the Trusts is used to protect or enhance recreational
fishing access and provide new or upgraded facilities for recreational
fishers in both inland and coastal environments. Projects funded
include fish cleaning facilities, fishing platforms, access upgrades and
fishing safety infrastructure, and dedicated fishing access officers.

Priority Area Snapshot

fishing facility projects approved

Including accessible platforms, cleaning tables and related infrastructure

Angler Access website

With easy-to-use interactive map for anglers

verified freshwater fishing sites

Available on Angler Access website

Fishing facilities

New or upgraded fishing facilities are installed by local councils, fishing clubs, community groups and others to provide quality amenities for recreational fishers.

Key achievements:

  • 32 fishing facility projects approved for funding, including accessible fishing platforms, fish cleaning tables and other related infrastructure.

Enhancing angler access

Enhancing angler access involves identifying, protecting and enhancing land and boat access for fishers along the NSW coast and in inland NSW. The NSW Angler Access Project aims to identify and protect essential access locations in perpetuity for generations of anglers to come.

Key achievements:

  • Launch of the NSW Angler Access website and interactive map featuring more than 4,000 freshwater fishing locations for fishers to view and plan their trips
  • Enhancements to the Clean, Safe Wharves program in Sydney Harbour and Walsh Bay (in close collaboration with Transport for NSW and fishing groups) to ensure ongoing access to these iconic land-based fishing spots
  • Assisting with the development of a new quality land-based fishing opportunity at The Foundations Portland near Lithgow, including trout stocking
  • Facilitating collaborative access agreements between private land managers, local councils and government agencies.

2021-22 Annual Report

Income and expenditure from the Trusts are subject to an annual audit and regular announcements are made about licence fee expenditure. DPI also carries out periodic surveys of recreational fishing licence holders to ensure that the broad funding priorities are in line with angler expectations.

Download the 2021-22 Annual Report