Fishing Facilities
and Access

Funding from the Trusts is used to protect or enhance recreational
fishing access and provide new or upgraded facilities for recreational
fishers in both inland and coastal environments. Projects funded
include fish cleaning facilities, fishing platforms, access upgrades and
fishing safety infrastructure, and dedicated fishing access officers.

Priority Area Snapshot

fishing facility projects approved

Including accessible platforms, cleaning tables and related infrastructure

Eco Hut
program continued

In association with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Angler Access

Updated with thousands of locations across NSW

Fishing facilities

New or upgraded fishing facilities are installed by local councils, fishing clubs, community groups and others to provide quality amenities for recreational fishers.

Key achievements:

  • 14 fishing facility projects approved for funding, including accessible fishing platforms, fish cleaning facilities, light watercraft launching facilities, fence stiles and other related infrastructure.

Enhancing angler access

The Angler Access Program involves maintaining, managing, and enhancing access for recreational fishers in inland and coastal locations across NSW. It also identifies new recreational fishing and regional tourism opportunities and facilitates fisher access to new locations.

Key achievements:

  • working with partner agencies and stakeholders to promote responsible access to shared urban facilities such as Sydney’s ferry wharves and the Walsh Bay piers
  • responding to over 150 plans and proposals to maintain coastal and inland recreational fishing access for the future
  • continuing the popular Eco Hut Program in association with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • ongoing production and distribution of the well-received Go Fishing Guide handbook series covering 19 coastal and inland locations
  • enabling cooperative access agreements among private land managers, recreational fishing groups, government agencies, local councils, and other stakeholders throughout NSW
  • sharing information about thousands of fishing locations across NSW via the Angler Access website.

2022-23 Annual Report

Income and expenditure from the Trusts are subject to an annual audit and regular announcements are made about licence fee expenditure. DPI also carries out periodic surveys of recreational fishing licence holders to ensure that the broad funding priorities are in line with angler expectations.

Download the 2022-23 Annual Report