Restricted licence

Apply for or renew your licence

You can apply for a new game hunting licence or renew an existing licence using our online services. You can read more about applying or renewing online or use the links below to get started.

It is important to read below about how to become accredited and qualify for the Restricted licence before you apply.

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The Restricted licence (R-Licence) allows you to hunt game and feral animals on public land that has been declared and opened to hunting, or on private land with the permission of the landholder.

If you are paying by credit card, use the links above to apply or renew online. If you are paying by cheque or money order, use the application forms below.

NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence - application/renewal form (PDF, 125.44 KB)

NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence - upgrade/add categories form (PDF, 143.23 KB)

NSW Game Hunting Licence - licence replacement application (PDF, 104.41 KB)

How to seek accreditation

If you would like to seek accreditation for the R-Licence by attempting the Accreditation Course you can:

Most Hunter LEAP Providers will charge a fee for the Accreditation Course. Our recommended R-Licence Accreditation Course fee of $15 per person per group of five, however the provider may choose to charge a higher amount to recover any costs associated with the training, such as venue hire​​. Make sure you confirm the cost when they contact you. If you are charged a higher amount and feel that the charge is excessive, please contact our Education and Training team using the details below.

You can read more about Hunter LEAP on our Education and training for hunters page. If you would like more information about Hunter LEAP or sign up to our partner network, contact the Education and Training Team on


R-Licence applicants must:

Approved Hunting Organisations

Before qualifying for an R-licence, you must become a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). You must also maintain your membership for your R-licence to remain valid. There are close to 200 AHOs registered in NSW.

You will be asked to provide proof of your membership when you send in your application paperwork.


Once you have become a member of an AHO and completed the accreditation requirements you need to apply to the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Use the links at the top of the page to either apply online or submit an application form.

Your application must contain:

  1. a completed and signed R-licence application form (PDF, 125.44 KB)
  2. a hunter accreditation form (given to you by your facilitator)
  3. proof of your membership of an AHO
  4. proof of senior or junior concession (if applicable)
  5. payment - credit card, cheque or money order.

Applications not containing all the required information will be returned to the applicant.

Your Hunter LEAP Trainer will provide you with the R-licence application form, along with your hunter accreditation form.


Licence term Full rate Concession rate
1 year $75 $50
2 years $145 $97
3 years $210 $140
4 years $270 $180
5 years $325 $217

A concession rate is available for minors (under 18 years) and pensioners (holding an appropriate card).


$25 million public liability insurance is attached to every standard R-licence.