Citrus harvest videos

These six harvest videos and the induction manual can be used as a generic induction resource for citrus harvest labour.

The induction manual outlines the minimum generic requirements to induct harvest staff. The induction manual needs to be customised to suit your specific orchard (i.e. orchard name) and needs (other rules).

The videos outline the methods of safe and efficient harvest practices. The videos can be viewed individually or the last video contains the whole series in one 10-min long video. The videos are available in 5 languages (English, Bislama, Malay,  Samoan and Tongan.

An Australian citrus harvest handbook is available to accompany these videos.

1. Induction (1 m 46 s)

2. Clothing and equipment (56 s)

3. Picking citrus (3 m 3 s)

4. Mandarin picking (1 m 37 s)

5. Ladder use (2 m 47 s)

6. Safety and hygiene (37 s)

1-6. All topics (10 m 22 s)

The Citrus harvest videos are also available in the following languages.

An sample induction manual will be available by mid June.