A guide to acceptable procedures and practices for aquaculture and fisheries research


This document includes a guide to procedures and practices for maintaining and collecting fish for the purpose of scientific research that are consistent with the objectives of the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes. It provides information to assist scientists complete the application form necessary to obtain an Animal Research Authority.

Basic information for most topics is presented and more detailed information provided for topics that are most frequently raised by researchers or members of Animal Care and Ethics Committees who must approve applications for Animal Research Authorities. Emphasis has been placed on describing basic husbandry requirements, maintaining water quality, recognising and treating some of the most common diseases and transporting live fish. Methods for collecting and sampling fish in the wild and practical details of methods for anaesthesia and euthanasia are also described.

This document does not attempt to cover all aspects or methods that may be available to the researcher in any given circumstance. Full details of methods, even if they are included in this guide, must be provided in the application for an Animal Research Authority. Examples of a completed Application Form for an Animal Research Authority, and for an Annual Renewal are attached. Also attached are copies of an Animal Research Authority and an example of a final report that must be provided to the Industry & Investment NSW ACEC on completion of research. Finally, the Industry & Investment NSW ACEC Terms of Reference, Grievance Procedures and Terms of Appointment are provided.


Fourth Edition

Published: Oct 2015