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White Spot Recovery Grant

The White Spot Recovery (Aquaculture) Grant has been announced. This targeted assistance package for industry is designed to support the continuation and growth of resilient aquaculture in the Clarence River area. The grants aim to restore or improve employment opportunities and benefit the local community and economy.

The three eligible applicants in the Clarence River catchment are limited to a total of a $500,000 grant per prawn farm ($1.5 million in total). Applications close on 1 June 2024.

This grant is funded by the NSW government and administered by NSW DPI Fisheries (DPI).   The DPI designated decision-maker who will approve or decline grant applications, in accordance with advice of the Assessment Team and the grant guidelines is the DDG, Fisheries

Forms & fees

  • Current costs for permits and leases can be found in the Aquaculture Fee Schedule. Specific permit applications and information kits are available in the Forms area.

Shipment of oysters

A digital Oyster Shipment form has replaced the IVR system, and is an approved form of the Oyster Logbook. It enables oyster farms to meet the legislated notification requirements for moving oyster stock and equipment between estuaries. The form will be housed within the DPI Shellfish App which is now live.

For more information, see the NSW DPI Aquatic Biosecurity website and the Lodging Digital Oyster Shipment Notifications via the NSW DPI Shellfish App (PDF, 1341.92 KB) guide.

Responsibilities of an Aquaculture permit and lease holder

It is an aquaculture permit holder's responsibility to be aware of their obligations under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 and the Fisheries Management (Aquaculture) Regulation 2017. The following document provides a snapshot of these responsibilities.