Aquaculture lease survey specifications

Purpose of this document

Aquaculture lease surveys must abide by the Surveyor General's Direction no. 13

This Direction was updated in November 2021 primarily to adopt GDA2020 as the official datum and coordinate system for all surveys in NSW. This replaced the older GDA1994 datum.

This means that all surveys for new aquaculture leases must use GDA2020 – MGA2020 – zone 56 coordinates.

This document was originally compiled in 1999 after the initial aquaculture lease survey project was underway, to enable any surveyor who is undertaking aquaculture lease surveys to comply with NSW DPI and the Surveyor-General’s requirements. It ensures that all surveys of aquaculture leases are made to a known and consistent standard.

All surveys require a lease plan and an administration sheet to be submitted. An example of the administration sheet can be found here. Examples of lease plans are available on the NSW Surveyor General's website.

For more information about lease marking requirements, please refer to the NSW Oyster Industry Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy 2021


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