Marine Aquaculture Research Lease

Yellowtail Kingfish Aquaculture Research  - NSW Department of Primary Industries & Huon Aquaculture Group Limited

Providence Bay off Hawks Nest, Port Stephens, is the site of two leases approved for finfish aquaculture in sea pens.

A Modification Application was approved by the Department of Planning & Environment on 4 August 2016 to relocate the NSW DPI Marine Aquaculture Research Lease and the Huon lease further offshore into deeper water and adopt the latest aquaculture technologies.

Yellowtail Kingfish is a fast growing, local species and has been the subject of research at Port Stephens Fisheries Institute since 2008.

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The emergency contact number for the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease is 1300 920 987, to be used for any incident involving the sea pens.

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