Eat More NSW Seafood 2023 – Q&A

What is the aim of the Eat More NSW Seafood grant program?

The NSW Government in partnership with the NSW Seafood Industry Council wants to increase the economic and social values of the NSW seafood industry by encouraging consumers to eat more NSW seafood.

The Eat More NSW Seafood Program 2023 (the Program) is a grant program, funded by the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy, and is designed to build the marketing and promotional capacities of seafood businesses.

The Program Objectives are to:

  • promote the sustainability and quality of NSW seafood
  • promote the health benefits of seafood consumption
  • increase consumer purchasing options across a broader variety of seafood products
  • educate consumers and the general community about the importance of sustainable fishing and aquaculture, and how they can help to achieve this through their seafood purchasing choices
  • increase the awareness of the economic and social contributions by NSW seafood production to local and regional communities
  • build community support for NSW commercial fishing and aquaculture.

How much funding is available?

The total funding available through the Program is $500,000 (excluding GST), and eligible applicants can apply on a competitive basis for grants to fund small-scale local initiatives (less than $10,000 excluding GST) and large-scale industry-wide or regional initiatives ($10,000 to $100,000 excluding GST).

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for grant funding applicants must be one or more of the following:

  • an owner of a registered seafood business in NSW (at least 50% of the applicant’s business activity involves the production or sale (value or quantity) of NSW seafood)
  • NSW commercial fishing licence holders
  • a fishing business owner in NSW
  • a holder of an aquaculture permit in NSW
  • a seafood industry association or like-seafood industry entity whose members meet one of the above criteria.

In addition, applicants, or their representative organisations/employers, must hold an Australian Business Number/Australian Company Number, or be an incorporated association.

What are the project eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for grant funding, projects must be relevant to the Program Objectives. Projects must be completed by 30 June 2024.

Examples of eligible projects are those:

  • promoting events with retailers
  • supporting and fostering local events showcasing seafood meals, including utilising lesser known and higher value species, and promoting the health benefits of consuming seafood
  • demonstrating cooking with seafood through online print media and live events
  • conducting food tours showcasing seafood outlets or producer operations
  • educating consumers and the general community including children about the economic and social importance of sustainable fishing and aquaculture
  • educating consumers and the general community including children about the impacts of sustainable fishing on the marine estate, and the impact of other users of the marine estate on sustainable fishing and aquaculture.

Examples of ineligible projects are those:

  • not located within NSW
  • relating to non-commercial fishing
  • requesting grant funding to buy, lease or upgrade capital items
  • requesting grant funding for operational expenditure other than that directly relating to the project
  • requiring ongoing funding from the NSW Government beyond the end-date of the project
  • requesting grant funding for operational expenditure other than that directly relating to the project
  • requesting grant funding for a project that has already commenced unless the application clearly demonstrates how grant funding would add value to the project, e.g., by expanding the original projects objectives

What projects were successful as part of the 2021 Eat More NSW Seafood program?

The 2021 program saw businesses come up with new and creative ways to promote NSW’s sustainable, locally caught seafood.

Some of the successful 2021 projects included:

  • A regional seafood cookbook to showcase local sustainable seafood,
  • Seafood festivals across NSW, and
  • The development of school education programs to educate our kids about the importance of locally sourced sustainable seafood.

When do applications for the 2023 program close?

Applications will close Friday 17 March 2023.

How do I apply?

Applicants seeking grant funding under the Program are to complete the Eat More NSW Seafood Program 2023 application form on the DPI website.

How will be applications be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated against the following attractiveness and feasibility criteria by an Evaluation Panel comprising an Independent Chair, Mr Peter Dundas-Smith AM, the Chair of the NSW Seafood Industry Council: Mr Bryan Skepper, and the Deputy Director General, DPI Fisheries, Mr Sean Sloan , or his nominee. The Evaluation Panel will make approval recommendations to the Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW.

When developing applications, applicants should ensure they adequately address the attractiveness and feasibility questions found in the program guidelines. Applications which do not address the mandatory requirements may not be further considered by the Evaluation Panel.

Who do I contact for more information?

Queries about the Eat More NSW Seafood Program 2023 can be directed to Lyndall Hilder via or 02 6391 3686.