Working groups

Harvest Strategy Working Groups

Harvest Strategy Working Groups engage key stakeholders in a collaborative process to develop a harvest strategy for particular species or fisheries in NSW. Membership typically comprises an Independent Chair, Scientist and Economist, fishing representatives from the relevant harvesting sectors, and DPI Fisheries managers and scientists.

Current Harvest Strategy Working Groups

Former Harvest Strategy Working Groups

Task based working groups

Task based working groups will be formed on an as needs basis to provide expert advice on specific issues. Once the task assigned to the working group is complete the working group will be disbanded. Working group members are appointed by the Deputy Director General, DPI Fisheries based on skill and expertise relevant to the tasks assigned to the working group.

Current working groups include:

Establishment and governance

Fisheries non-statutory working groups: Establishment and governance (PDF, 170 KB) This policy is designed to ensure that fisheries working groups are established and operated in a consistent, efficient and effective manner in line with best practice governance arrangements.

Informal working groups

Informal working groups are also established from time to time to address specific issues. Current informal working groups include:

Former commercial fisheries working groups