The white sandy beaches and clear waters make beach activities very popular. The relatively sheltered Jervis Bay provides safe and enjoyable swimming and is a draw card for families. For more tourism information, see the Visit NSW website. For information on beach safety in this area, visit the Beachsafe website.

  • Enjoy picnicking, walking, bird watching, sunbathing, sightseeing and even whale and dolphin watching.
  • Swim inside Jervis Bay at popular Huskisson, Nelsons, Greenfields, Hyams and Callala beaches.
  • Outside the bay, surf at Currarong and Warrain Beaches in the north and Cave and Bherwerre Beaches in the south.
  • Sandy beaches dominate the park's shores, except for the extensive rocky shores of the Beecroft and Bherwerre peninsulas.

Things you need to know

Jervis Bay Marine Park is home to lots of wildlife, including threatened and protected species that also use these beaches.  Therefore some activities are restricted:

  • Domesticated animals (including dogs and horses) are permitted on some marine park beaches that Shoalhaven City Council or other land management agencies have designated for such activities.
  • However, to protect important roosting and feeding habitat for threatened shorebird species, domestic animals (including dogs and horses) are prohibited from the following areas:
    • the rock platform at Green Point;
    • the Currambene Creek Mudflats Sanctuary Zone;
    • the Myola sand spit at the southern end of Callala Beach
    • beaches adjacent to a National Park or Nature Reserve.
  • Motor vehicles must not be used in the Marine Park for recreational purposes other than to launch or retrieve vessels from designated boat launching facilities.