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SCUBA diving and snorkelling

Red Indianfish

Jervis Bay is a popular diving and snorkelling location with an international reputation. Did you know that charter operators support about 10,000 dives in the park each year?

Clean, clear water and habitats that include cliff faces and the shallow and deeper rocky reef around Point Perpendicular and Bowen Island support:

  • spectacular sponge gardens, kelp forests, giant boulders and swim-throughs;
  • a huge diversity of species including the endangered grey nurse shark, black rockcod and eastern blue devilfish.

With more than 30 dive sites in and around the bay, here are just a few popular spots:

  • The Docks
  • Slot Cave
  • Stoney Creek
  • Drum and Drum Sticks

The bay's shallower, protected waters and exceptional water clarity are perfect for both beginner and advanced snorkellers. Popular sites include:

  • Boat Harbour
  • The Docks
  • Point Perpendicular
  • Hyams Beach

The park's nine known shipwrecks mostly in Wreck Bay and off Currarong are also attractive to divers.

Commercial operators offer snorkelling and SCUBA diving tours and training most days. For more visitor information visit

What you need to know

Grey nurse sharks are regularly seen, including in the park's sanctuary zones (The Docks, Bowen Island, Drum and Drum Sticks). Special rules apply when you snorkel and dive with this endangered species of shark.

What else can I do and see?