The zones in Lord Howe Island Marine Park aim to conserve marine biodiversity while providing for a range of uses including beach activities, swimming, surfing, charter and recreational fishing, scuba diving, sailing, boating and research.

The marine park Zoning Map and User Guide provide information about the zoning arrangements and management rules in the park.

Map of Lord Howe Island Marine Park

Types of zones

Sanctuary zonesProvide the highest level of protection for biodiversity and natural and cultural featuresActivities that do not involve harming any animal, plant or habitat, including many recreational activities, such as boating, surfing, snorkelling, diving and permitted research and educational activities
Habitat protection zonesProtection to physical and biological habitats by reducing high impact activities

Recreational and commercial activities (including recreational fishing and some forms of commercial fishing), scientific research, educational activities and other activities

General use zonesProvide for a wide range of environmentally sustainable activitiesRecreational and commercial activities (including recreational and commercial fishing), scientific research and educational activities
Special purpose zonesProvide for sites requiring special management arrangements including protection of Aboriginal and other cultural features or for marine facilities, or for specific park management reasons.

Traditional Aboriginal use, aquaculture, marinas and research facilities

Other management actions