Merimbula offshore artificial reef

Merimbula has been announced as the next location to receive an offshore artificial reef to enhance fishing opportunities courtesy of funds from the Recreational Fishing Trusts. NSW DPI aims to deploy the reef in 2018 which will be accessible from Merimbula, Eden and Tathra.

A specific design for the Merimbula artificial reef will be subject to a government tender process but is likely to be constructed of up to 20 concrete modules measuring approximately 4-5 metres wide by 4-5 metres high and weighing up to 25 tonnes each or a steel tower/s. The reef will have 20 metres of safe vessel clearance above the structure. The total footprint area of the reef will be up to 320 m2 and likely to spread over an area no larger than 100 by 100 metres.

DPI is undertaking an environmental assessment (EA) of the proposed artificial reef which is assessing potential impacts on a small sub-local scale (within 30 m radius of the individual reef modules) to regional scales (>10 km from the reef). Coastal processes and Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments will be undertaken by specialised consultants.

Constraints mapping of the region to identify existing uses has been undertaken and seabed mapping completed throughout the northern half of Merimbula Bay to identify a suitable deployment area. The preferred site is a sandy area in 30-32 metres of water situated approximately 3 km south- east of the Merimbula Lake entrance. The site is located within the ocean trawl net (fish) closed waters. The proposed centre point of the artificial reef is 36° 54.867′ S, 149° 56.251′ E.

Merimbula offshore artificial reef proposed location for consultation

As part of the EA, DPI is currently undertaking detailed consultation with all relevant stakeholders and government agencies to finalise the proposed reef area.


If you have any comments on the proposed offshore artificial reef location please submit them to the addresses below. It would also be helpful to provide reasons or relevant data to support any comments. If you wish your comments or submission to remain confidential, please mark ‘Confidential’.

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