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Merimbula offshore artificial reef

Location:Approximately 2.5km south-east of Merimbula Lake entrance, within Merimbula Bay
Depth:32 metres
Deployment:September 2018
Coordinates:36°.54.826' S (Latitude) 149°.56.245' E (Longitude) (WGS84 datum)
36°.54.870' S (Latitude) 149°.56.265' E (Longitude) (WGS84 datum)
Reef type: Two single steel pinnacle reef towers of the dimensions 7.8 (W) x 10.9 (D) x 6.4 (H) in metres, each have a central vertical tower to a maximum of 12 metres.
Reef area: Total reef volume is approx. 2,100 cubic metres
Species: Kingfish, Snapper, Morwong, Trevally, Nannygai, Gummy Shark, Leatherjackets & Salmon
Other:When approaching the reef, courtesy should be given to fishers who are already using the reef.  Due to safety concerns and the intricate design of the reefs, NSW DPI does not recommend SCUBA diving on the reef.
How to fish:Fishers will benefit from sounding out each pinnacle reef and should avoid fishing or anchoring right on top of either structure. To achieve best results, fish can be targeted by casting, trolling, jigging or drifting baits around the surrounding areas of the reef.

Merimbula offshore artificial reef proposed location for consultation

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