Fish Aggregating Devices

Fisheries Aggregating Devices, or FADs, are strategically placed along the NSW coast during the warmer months.

FADs have a long history of use in NSW, and were first a resource for fishers with the introduction of the Recreational Fishing Fee in 2001.

Monitoring of the FADs by DPI has shown mahi mahi (also known as dolphinfish) is the most common species found around the FADs, representing 95% of the catch.

Fishers are encouraged to fish safely around FADs, including considering the code of conduct for FAD fishing. Report a lost or damaged FAD by contacting the program coordinator at DPI on (02) 4424 7421 or by email.

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Note: All coordinates are in WGS84 datum.

FAD Location Latitude (S) Longitude (E) Distance from nearest access point (km) Depth (m)
(1) Tweed Heads 28° 09.730'153° 41.000'
Tweed Heads - 13.0
(2) Byron Bay 28° 36.723'153° 42.758'
Brunswick Heads - 17.5
(3) Ballina28° 54.430'153° 41.189'Richmond River - 1470
(4) Evans Head 29° 6.400'153° 36.200'Evans River - 1750
(5) Yamba 29° 36.755'153° 29.187'Clarence River - 2370
(6) Wooli 29° 52.703'153° 26.117'Wooli River - 16 65
(7) Coffs Harbour 30° 14.858'153° 21.605'Coffs Harbour - 21 85
(8) Nambucca 30° 39.622'153° 08.934'
Nambucca - 13
(9) South West Rocks 30° 50.534'153° 11.803'Macleay River - 16.5104
(10) Hat Head31° 00.636'153° 07.795'Korogoro Creek - 7.585
(11) Port Macquarie 31° 25.947'153° 04.469'Hastings River - 16 90
(12) Laurieton 31° 39.601'152° 56.235'
Camden Haven - 10
(13) Crowdy Head 31° 47.000'152° 55.200'
Crowdy Head - 17
(14) Forster 32° 13.211'152° 40.680'
Cape Hawke Harbour - 16.5
(15) Port Stephens   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(16) Port Stephens South  
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(17) Newcastle   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(18) Swansea   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(19) Terrigal   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(20) Sydney North   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(20A) Sydney North   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(21) Sydney Harbour   
Retrieved for winter maintenance
(22) Sydney  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(23) Sydney East   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(23A) Sydney East  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(24) Botany Bay Wide   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(24A) Botany Bay Wide  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(25) Sydney South   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(25A) Sydney South  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(26) Wollongong   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(27) Shellharbour   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(28) Kiama   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(29) Jervis Bay   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(29A) Jervis Bay  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(30) Ulladulla   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(31) Batemans Bay   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(32) Narooma   Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(33) Bermagui  Retrieved for winter maintenance 
(34) Far South Coast   Retrieved for winter maintenance

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The location of a FADs may fluctuate slightly depending on wind, swell and current direction. However, the Department relies heavily on anglers to inform us about missing FADs.

If you find that a FAD is not on its correct coordinates or is missing, please contact the FADs Program Coordinator as soon as possible to allow NSW DPI staff to investigate.

Phone: (02) 4424 7421

The bait collection marker buoy is very popular with anglers and provides access to excellent bait grounds close to local fishing areas. The device is located in the relatively protected waters of Trial Bay and slimy mackerel and yellowtail scad (yakkas) can often be found in high numbers in the vicinity of the buoy. Please note that boats should not tie up to the buoy when collecting bait as this places excessive strain on the mooring line. Please deploy your anchor.

FAD Location Latitude (S) Longitude (E) Distance from nearest access point (km) Depth (m)
Trial Bay 30°52.760′S 153°03.110′E Macleay River 10