Fish for Life

Building a Healthy Fishing Future

What is Fish for Life?

Fish for Life is designed to promote the health and socio-economic benefits of recreational fishing to the wider NSW community.

Fish for Life is an initiative of the Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council (RFNSW), a council of prominent NSW recreational fishing representatives which provides advice to the Minister for Agriculture.

What does Fish for Life aim to do?

Fish for Life aims to:

  1. Provide an overarching and recognisable ‘identity’ which can used to deliver key recreational fishing messages to target markets via various print, social and electronic media
  2. To promote recreational fishing as an exciting, healthy, inclusive and family activity with wide appeal across the NSW community
  3. To promote stewardship and a sense of ‘community’ amongst recreational fishers

The Fish for Life initiative is supported by funding provided from the Recreational Fishing Trusts.

What’s happening with Fish for Life now?

girl and boy in boat holding a fishing rod and fish

NSW DPI is working with RFNSW to implement initiatives which:

  • promote the positive attributes of recreational fishing in NSW to ensure long-term acceptance and support from the wider community
  • change and improve recreational fisher behaviour and attitudes
  • increase participation in fishing , especially with women, children and families

Can my organisation use Fish for Life?

Yes, we encourage this.

Any organisation, association, group, entity, individual, corporation or business interested in promoting the positive social and economic benefits of recreational fishing in NSW is welcome to apply to use Fish for Life as part of their marketing, promotions and social licence material.

Fish for Life is trademarked by NSW DPI - Fisheries on behalf of the NSW recreational fishing community.

How do I apply to use Fish for Life?

If you want to be part of Fish for Life and help promote a healthy, fishing future for recreational fishing, email or call (02) 4916 3940.

Permission to use Fish for Life branding will be granted provided the applicant can commit:

  • to promoting, supporting and endorsing the positive attributes of  Fish for Life
  • to consistently demonstrating responsible, ethical and sustainable behaviour
  • to following NSW DPI Fisheries recreational fishing rules and regulations

If you do not comply with the above criteria, permission to be associated with Fish for Life will be withdrawn