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Port Macquarie Offshore Artificial Reef

Location: Approx. 6.3km north-east of the Port Macquarie river entrance
Depth: 46 metres
Deployment: February 2016
Coordinates: 31°25.044' S (Latitude), 152°58.950'E (Longitude) (WGS84 datum)
Reef type: 20 concrete modules deployed in random clusters. Each module is 6.5 metres high and 5 modules have additional steel towers increasing their height to 9 metres
Reef area: Total reef volume is 1,600 cubic metres
Species: Kingfish, Samson fish, Amberjack, Trevallies, Pearl perch, Bar Cod, Snapper Mulloway & Morwongs
Other: The Port Macquarie OAR is exposed to the East Australian Current (EAC) and at times experiences strong currents
How to fish: Conditions such as depth, current and wind all play a part in testing an angler’s patience and skills fishing these locations. Drifting with baits or lures along the edges of reef modules can reduce the risk being “snagged” or fouling an anchor on the vertical towers.

Port Macquarie reef location



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