Sydney Offshore Artificial Reef

Location: Approx. 1.9 km south-east of South Head (Sydney Harbour)
Depth: 38 metres
Deployment: October 2011
Coordinates: 33°50.797' S (Latitude), 151°17.988'E (Longitude) (WGS84 datum)
Reef type: One single steel module of the dimensions 12m x 15m x 12m with two vertical towers
Reef area: Total reef volume is approx. 700 cubic metres
Species: Kingfish, Silver Trevally, Snapper, Mulloway, Morwongs, Tailor & Leather Jackets
Other: The Sydney offshore artificial reef is the first offshore artificial reef of NSW DPI’s reefs to be installed
How to fish: Due to the intricate design of the Sydney offshore artificial reef we suggest anglers who wish to anchor sound out the reef and find a sandy location away from the structure to avoid losing their anchor. For further information please visit our user guidelines - offshore artificial reefs.

Download a high resolution version of the Sydney offshore artificial reef map (JPG, 3304.18 KB)


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