Go Fishing – Jervis Bay

Cover image of go fishing guideJervis Bay Marine Park (JBMP) is located on the NSW coast about 2.5 hours’ drive south of Sydney. It’s a very popular holiday destination with diverse fishing options ranging from estuary, beach and rock through to sport and game fishing.

The park covers about 100km of coastline from Kinghorn Point south to Bherwerre Beach encompassing the township of Currarong, the whole of Jervis Bay itself and Wreck Bay.

As one of six marine parks in NSW waters, the JBMP features a range of zones allowing for different activities.

About 80 per cent of JBMP is made up of “habitat protection zones” and “general purpose zones”, both of which permit recreational fishing. Other areas include “sanctuary zones” where no fishing is allowed.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the various zones before heading out to wet a line in the JBMP as penalties apply for fishing in sanctuary areas.

Detailed zoning maps are available at www.mpa.nsw.gov.au, the JBMP office in Huskisson and at local tackle shops, NSW Fisheries offices, tourist centres and service stations.  Call the JBMP office on (02) 4428 3000 for more information about fishing regulations in the JBMP.

The JBMP is centered on Jervis Bay, known by locals as “JB” or simply “The Bay”. JB is fringed by a number of small towns and villages including Callala Bay, Callala Beach, Myola, Woollamia, Huskisson, Vincentia and Hyams Beach.

The southern edge of the bay is Commonwealth territory and is home to a naval training facility known as HMAS Creswell. This area of JB forms the Booderee National Park for specific fishing regulations relating to Booderee waters).

Jervis Bay is known for its protected beaches, clear waters, expansive seagrass beds and imposing cliffs, headlands and reef systems extending north and south of the entrance. Famous sport and gamefishing grounds including The Sir John Young Banks, the JB Canyons and the Drum Canyons can be easily accessed via JB, allowing boat-based anglers the opportunity to target iconic species such as yellowfin tuna, dolphinfish, yellowtail kingfish and blue, black and striped marlin.

Jervis Bay is also a popular area for spearfishing, either from the shore or out of a boat. It is important to note that no spearfishing is allowed within the Booderee National Park.

The entire area boasts plenty of holiday accommodation, caravan parks and camping grounds. The main tributary flowing into JB is Currumbene Creek, which enters the bay at Huskisson. A number of smaller waterways also drain into the bay.

Popular with anglers of all skill levels, the JBMP offers year-round fishing access across a diverse array of environments for a range of popular sport and table fish.


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